I’m an internationally experienced, European-minded communications professional, news writer, self-taught graphic designer, and criminologist with an eclectic background in creating content, managing communities, and building the online presence of diverse actors within EU affairs, international non-profits, and supporting brands.

Passionate about researching and creating new ways of communications that can promote positive change, I believe in the power of visual outputs and the ‘less is more’ philosophy for transforming complex information into engaging stories and curated narratives easy to understand for all.



Online/Social media campaign.

Discover the #JSM2019  

World Press Photo Foundation, 2019.


Joop Swart Masterclass (JSM) is World Press Photo Foundation’s (WPPh) best known educational program, supporting and educating new talent in visual storytelling.

Run as a week-long intensive program in Amsterdam, the 2019 masterclass brought together 12 new storytellers working closely with 5 masters.

Each year, the participants produce a visual storytelling project on one single theme. In 2019, the chosen theme was ‘Contrast’.


To showcase the #JSM2019 participants’ photo essays on ‘Contrast’, as well as their view as visual storytellers.

To promote JSM´s as WPPh´s most prestigious educational program, a platform that connects emerging photographers with masters to exchange knowledge and best practices on visual storytelling.

To connect WPPh as a leading international foundation that identifies, supports and educates new talent in documentary photography and visual journalism.


Website: 200k monthly visits average
Facebook: +350k followers
Twitter: +300k followers
Instagram: +1.3m followers
Newsletter: Sent to +55,000 people
Witness: WPPh´s online magazine

[Figures as of October 2019]


Website: As core platform to convey JSM, we presented all 12 participants´ photo essays and #JSM2019 background information. Content published included full photo essays on ´Contrast´, a series of news articles/interviews featuring the participants - (1/3), (2/3), (3/3)- , and the masters.

Facebook & Twitter: We promoted the #JSM2019 through the participants´ photo essays by focusing on individual projects or mixes of these. Posts included short descriptions, quotes, and images, with link to full projects on WPPh website or Witness. See Facebook, see Twitter post examples.

Instagram: We curated features of all #JSM2019 participants´ photo essays with insights on the topic, the storyteller and that year´s edition. During the masterclass, we also published daily IG recap stories with highlights (in-action images, impressions from participants and masters, etc.).

Witness: After the masterclass, we published the (full) photo essays on Witness to further promote the participants´ work and #JSM2019. Content was sourced from projects´images, captions, and interviews carried out during the masterclass to give further context on the essays. See entries examples here, here, or here

Media Kit: We created a media kit with a selection of images from the photo essays that was shared with WPPh´s media contacts once the masterclass was finished.

Digital communications toolkit for participants: We developed such tool before the masterclass to provide guidance on our social media campaign, streamline comms workflow, and better support participants’ needs.


My role

Support development and implementation of communications campaign strategy for online channels, including social media and website.

Draft for and post on social media, engage with communities on platforms (FB, TW, IG).

Draft and publish promotional news articles for website; i.e. #JSM2019 main page, photo essays, series featuring the #JSM2019 participants - (1/3), (2/3), (3/3)- , etc.

Create graphics resources for website and social media (social cards, banners, IG stories, GIFs, etc.)

Conduct interviews with the participants and masters for daily coverage on social and post-masterclass full photo essays publishing.

Elaborate the digital communications toolkit for participants.

Photo coverage during the masterclass, in-person communications support.