I’m an internationally experienced, European-minded communications professional, news writer, self-taught graphic designer, and criminologist with an eclectic background in creating content, managing communities, and building the online presence of diverse actors within EU affairs, international non-profits, and supporting brands.

Passionate about researching and creating new ways of communications that can promote positive change, I believe in the power of visual outputs and the ‘less is more’ philosophy for transforming complex information into engaging stories and curated narratives easy to understand for all.



Online/Social media campaign.

What A Waste  

S&D Group in the European Parliament, 2018.


In April 2018, the European Parliament voted four new legislative proposals on waste management. The legislative package aimed to achieve a sustainable economic and social transition towards a Circular Economy, towards zero-waste.

S&D Group in the European Parliament led the drafing of the four parliamentary reports for the new directives – on waste, landfill packaging, and recycling of vehicles, batteries and electronic equipment.

The Group´s position envisaged that Europe should curb its endless waste practices and be smart with what´s left over, turning it into a valuable resource.


To raise awareness among EU citizens of the importance to move towards a zero-waste Circular Economy at EU level, leaving behind the ‘take, make, dispose’ model.

To convey the new EU Circular Economy Package´s main policy developments into easy-to-understand (written and visual) content for social media channels.

To amplify the S&D Group´s position and proposals on the Package, that products should be designed to last and be repairable, reused, recycled, and remanufactured while fostering innovation.


‘Reuse, recycle, reduce’ is really simple. So should be the campaign´s messaging and visual identity.

Under the claim ´What A Waste’, simple and punchy, the campaign was based on: 1) direct messaging (short mottos), 2) clean design (white minimalism), and 3) one-object-only graphic resources (waste examples).


Facebook: +390k followers
Instagram: +35k followers
Twitter: +130k followers
YouTube: +8k followers

[Figures as of May 2018]


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: A series of posts based on the above were published over April and May 2018, before and after the European Parliament´s final vote on the legislative proposals. Different posts were tailored to and posted on the Group´s social media channels, with the five ´What A Waste’ white-background posts for Facebook being key.

YouTube: Besides the series of posts, a +2mins video was promoted on social media (FB, IG, TW, YT) with more insights on Europe’s waste management reality and the Group’s position.


My role

Create the online messaging and visual identity for the S&D Group’s campaign ‘What a Waste’.

Draft for and post on Facebook, engage with communities on the platform.

Create graphic resources (images for posts) for the campaign.

Support campaign´s video conceptualisation and development.