I’m an internationally experienced, European-minded communications professional, news writer, self-taught graphic designer, and criminologist with an eclectic background in creating content, managing communities, and building the online presence of diverse actors within EU affairs, international non-profits, and supporting brands.

Passionate about researching and creating new ways of communications that can promote positive change, I believe in the power of visual outputs and the ‘less is more’ philosophy for transforming complex information into engaging stories and curated narratives easy to understand for all.



Brussels, Belgium, 2021 to date.

Centres of Excellence


Working together to make the world a safer place

The EU CBRN CoE is a global Initiative funded and implemented by the European Union as part of its goal to promote peace, stability and conflict prevention. The aim of the Initiative, which represents the EU’s largest civilian external security programme, is to mitigate Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear risks in Partner Countries of the EU. Together, they work to make the world a safer place. 

As Communications Consultant to the European Commission, I support the development and implementation of a new communications strategy for News articles publishing by the EU CBRN CoE. The brand-new storytelling approach to the Initiative pursues a twofold objective: to raise awareness about the many benefits, but most importantly, risks of CBRN agents and materials in our daily lives; and to communicate on the latest achievements in CBRN risk mitigation by the programme’s global network.

Check the Initiative´s News page [as of June 2022] or the latest Newsletter for writing examples.