I’m an internationally experienced, European-minded communications professional, news writer, self-taught graphic designer, and criminologist with an eclectic background in creating content, managing communities, and building the online presence of diverse actors within EU affairs, international non-profits, and supporting brands.

Passionate about researching and creating new ways of communications that can promote positive change, I believe in the power of visual outputs and the ‘less is more’ philosophy for transforming complex information into engaging stories and curated narratives easy to understand for all.



Brussels, Belgium, 2022.

Peaceful use of Nuclear

Tenth Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference

In the context of the Tenth Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which took place on 1-26 August 2022 in New York,  the European Union (EU) produced a series of factsheets to showcase the EU's contribution to projects that promote the peaceful use of the nuclear science and technology.

The series of four factsheets covered the fields of Nuclear Safeguards, Nuclear Safety & Security, Strategic Trade Control of 'dual-use' items, and Non-power nuclear science applications.

As Communications Consultant to the European Commission, I supported the coordination and delivery of the factsheets from inception to completion, including conceptualisation, editing and publishing.